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It’s raining on my snow covered yard, and the glug of the gutters  is a pleasant soundtrack as I attempt to navigate through nonsense.   There are places I have found where I cannot enter, comments I could add, if I but knew who I am.

Granted, I am a neophyte blogger.  True, I’ve only posted one entry before, but I have successfully added my thoughts to other people’s journals here in WordPress land.  Today I remain unrecognized with every attempt to log in and comment.  Is it because I foolishly added a “Gravitar” to my WordPress profile?

Perhaps the reason is more sinister.  The blog I wanted to access is another collection of conspiracy theorists, specifically L.O.W.F.I. or the League Of Western Fortean Intermediasts.  There is even a place for my thinly populated state, the Great State of Idaho, although no one has contributed any anecdotal weirdness that I can see.

So why do I keep getting the message that I am invalid?  I’ve changed my password twice, verified my user name on my “dashboard”, all to no avail.  Will I be forced to abandon my attempt to blog?  Was the blank  journal book my friend Calleen sent me yesterday an omen?  Is paper my only means left?

Let’s try and publish this, and we’ll see.   This is your 3rd published post. Dope!  That last sentence was a copy and paste from WordPress.  It just called me a DOPE.  Believe.


Comments on: "Who Am I and Why Don’t I Know My Own USER NAME?," (1)

  1. Being called Dope by a random computer program feels kind of hollow. They told me I was “Boss” once. I’ve never wanted to be in management, so I figured they really didn’t understand me. I liked it better when WordPress just assumed I was a random number with no need for reassurance. I’d have been great in East Germany before the wall came down. If they really cared, they’d send me a plate of Bortscht every time I completed a column and told me that I’ve done the Party great honor. But, I digress…..

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