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Usually the first robin of spring shows up in our ash tree sometime in March.  Today we were astonished to see a huge flock of red breasts resting after their long migration.  Approximately 20 or 30 robins were consuming the bright red ash berries and leaving ruddy poops on the patio.  Is this natural or another illustration of global warming?

Speaking of, yesterday on Facebook, I tried to share a friend’s photo of a banner proclaiming

However, Facebook would not allow me to share the image unless it was on my own wall.  Such censorship truly disturbs my faith in social media, NOT!  I must admit, I am probably as addicted to Facebook as anyone else, although I do not share my physical and mental ailments, my familial discords or triumphs or even my political views (other than general nausea) with my FB friends, whether close or mere acquaintances.  The distinction of nearness or shadow friends is requested by Facebook, but I always ignore the plea.  The majority of people or pages liked or befriended are merely cyberworld contacts, bands or artists, writers or philosophers.  How do you measure closeness on the web?

What seems to draw me to certain people or their blogs is what they say or the images they post.  Very few display true self portraits in their albums.  Many collect iconic photos of celebrities and infamous serial killers which they use for their profile pictures.  The ability to hide behind someone’s mugshot is a benefit available to anyone who so chooses.  I show my own face, but it is not labeled with my true name.  Names have always been considered powerful and magical secrets, a greater truth now in the era of identity theft and character assassination.   Profile information has been hijacked in the past, and Facebook users should always be alert to phishing and ill considered clicking.

Robins should be wary of unseasonal southern breezes.  They’ve arrived in the Idaho panhandle too early this year, and I hope they know what they are doing.


Comments on: "A Flock of Robins on February 4th?" (3)

  1. I am wary of almost all birds. Except maybe vultures.

  2. We could all benefit from spending a bit less time on facebook (or wordpress for that matter), and more time paying attention to the robins and their feathered friends and other ‘agents of Nature’ … that said, I’m perilously close to contributing to GLOBAL WHINING – apologies.

    • No apologies necessary, because I totally agree, although I do need to devote more attention to wordpress. Strangely, yesterday I noticed new a new flock of really big robins that must be on their way back south. At the same time, I had just begun reading a book called Redbreast by
      Jo Nesbo which starts with a passage about robins. Thank you for your comment, oh Salamander. We are all connected in the big whinery.

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