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As 2012 moves closer to its finale, I am listing the tasks and purchases I am postponing until 2013, just in case the world really ends this December. 

1.  A new world almanac

2.  Getting a physical and an eye exam

3.  Hiring a tree surgeon to clean up our property

4.  Getting the house painted

5.  Buying gravel for the driveway, including delivery and spreading

6.  Photographing or scanning paintings and drawings currently stored in my studio

7.  Cleaning my studio

Likewise, I am procrastinating in the area of website building, online selling, and anything else that takes effort that I resent and resist.  If the world doesn’t end, which it probably won’t, I will make a concerted attempt to clean my studio.

I did notice that the dead things in my art (filthy little nest) studio are starting to smell.  I suppose I will have to bury the poor little hummingbird I had hoped to save after it crashed, and the dried mushrooms I’ve collected probably don’t help the atmosphere.  The deer skull stays, though.

I am so thankful that I can flee this reality on the nights I do sleep and cruise through the chaotic landscapes called dreams.  I have finally accepted cell phones as a dreamland prop.  They never work, just like the button phones would morph into pillows with illegible numbers.  Last night I actually dreamed of my own Virgin Mobile, which I’ve had since 2008; it was drained and useless.ImageSometimes life reminds me of hiking up a sand dune. 






Comments on: "This World Is So Strange… I Prefer My Nightmares" (1)

  1. I like the pet towel disguised as a white robed (monk?) Jawa, which I didn’t know had religion. Who would worship in all that sand? Thanks for the link, and liking Hunter S. T., as do I.

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