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The exact place and time my internet path crossed the author, Nick Mamatas,  escapes me, but I recently ordered two of his novels before having read a single line penned by him.  Since I am a devotee of Hunter S. Thompson, I was attracted to the fiction work, The Damned Highway: Fear and Loathing in Arkham, which combines Lovecraft inspired characters with a gonzo flair.  I also ordered Move Under Ground due to its protagonists, some of my favorite rapscallions of the Beats.

Facebook postings by Nick Mamatas announced the release of his latest novel, Bullettime, which is described as a Discordian adventure.  Since I had just spent $30.00 on the above mentioned paperbacks, I decided to request that our local library purchase Bullettime for its shelves and was pleasantly surprised to find they had.

The plot of Bullettime is both chaotic and simple in a healthy Discordian manner.  The hero is  a young man from a dysfunctional family who is constantly bullied (although the term is not used) by society.  His disconsolate life is complicated by a chance meeting with the Goddess Eris, who infiltrates his thoughts and actions up to the satisfying finale.

Concurrent to the main action is multiple dimensions or realities called the Ylem,  (pronounced “IGH-lum” according to Nick, who kindly sent me a link to the Wikipedia definition.  Rather than leading the reader into alternate universes, Mamatas treats life in Ylem as a background or undercurrent of potential paths,  much as I would envision the creative imaginings of this engaging author.

Bullettime is a day at the beach or a  walk in the park, but beware of jellyfish and muggers.






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