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Once in a Blue Moon

My husband and I often think we missed our calling.  We should have been a modern day Gilbert and Sullivan or some sort of crazed jingle maker.  Silly notions, characters, tunes and scenarios are constantly emerging from our aging brains that need sharing with the universe.  Therefore, I am announcing, right here, right now, a new concept for a website (don’t anyone steal this)Cyantology:  a celebration of all things blue.

Now I fully expect to be inundated with hate mail from the Church of Scientology, simply because my brainstorm resembles the sound of their “religion”, but I assure you, there is no copyright on a color, especially printers’ blue.  Cyan is the color of my true love’s hair (Alissa of the Agonist), the Smurfs, the lord Krishna, the cookie monster, and countless other blue meanies.  I’ve chosen the name Cyantology because it rings better than Cyan-ology. 

Until I can find a reasonable place to create my concept (there’s always Facebook), I announce Cyantology here.  Since I have a single follower of my blog, I’m not too worried about my fabulous idea being highjacked. 

Perhaps I’ll go watch the movie Blue Velvet again for further inspiration.Image



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