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How long has it been since I posted my thoughts here?  Way too long, but believe me, they still rattle around inside my skull  waiting to escape.

Leave me alone

seems to be the focus of my reclusive existence.  The main reason Jim and I fled our native southern California was to escape the madding crowd as well as the ever increasing cost of living there.  After a home invasion and the death of the final parent, we trekked north about as far as we could go without entering Canada.

During the nine years we have lived in the Idaho panhandle, we have enjoyed the changing seasons, something denied to us for our entire time on Earth.  Snowfall is still a thrill to us, as are the rare thunderstorms we have dubbed “clown bursts”.

The pace of commercial and residential development in our county during our pleasant stay has been astonishing.  New apartments, condominiums and houses are springing up like dandelions.  We still don’t have a Trader Joe’s, but a new shopping center with a supermarket is now on our route to the dump and to the state park where we hike at least twice a week, weather permitting.

Most of the new arrivals to the area are from California.  It appears that the 21st century concept of “California Dreaming” is getting out.





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