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My husband wrote these words in the past:

“The state determines everything. It’s that simple. The state is god, it makes up its own laws and rules. It has its own black robed priests, of both low and high order called judges, cardinals called congress and pope called president. It has blind followers who have faith that it has their best interests at heart, and requires martyrs if needed to continue the state’s survival and further its agenda. It has as its symbol colored cloth that the followers bow to and are willing to kill for. It takes up a collection called taxes which must be paid or you are sent to hell called prison. The USA has two states, one is in Washington for the masses to see. The other is the real ruling elite made up of capitalists, military, intelligence and political elites who seek to advance their imperialist agendas of USA hegemony over the world’s resources; i.e., the greedy pigs behind the scenes.

tombstone on cemetery during daytime

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Republics are a symbiosis of wealth/power, business/government, with each exchanging what the other needs to further their agendas of more wealth and power. The tax paying masses are their cash cows for this purpose. Government gives business tax funds, and profits made through those funds are then given to reps. as campaign funds and the cycle continues at the expense of the taxpayer. As the masses wise up, more and more freedom and liberty will be taken away lest that cycle be broken at the expense of both business and government. That’s what we see today as this system further evolves into a constant state of war. Soon there will be more unrest and the state will start a big war and draft the young men who would be the first ones to oppose the state. That was done before to end the depression by starting WWII. Kill off the young men and give war jobs to others to keep them passive and insure the state and its cronies in business continue to profit from the cycle/system. Notice nobody in the gov. wants to address the real issues of destroying people, their homes and countries around the world for the NWO imperial agenda? The people are being distracted through sleight of hand. That’s how govs. work to keep the people confused through mud slinging back and forth. The USA sucks, not because of it’s people, but the gov. it allows to continue. And, that’s the people’s fault for their apathy. Obama and Trump both made lots of campaign promises which included anti-war statements about ending the wars during campaigns. Obama became president with peace prize and escalated Afghanistan war, bombed Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, and started wars in Libya and Syria. Trump has continued these wars and is about to possibly start new ones in Venezuela and Iran. So, what makes anyone think the next president will do anything different? We are being lied to by some very evil people in Washington, and both parties are guilty of continuing the policy. The ones ruling over us and causing death, destruction and atrocities abroad are in control, not any president of the USA. Congress is ruled by who ever donates to campaigns. AIPAC and other Israeli lobbies, the MIC, Big Rx, AMA, etc. determine policy and laws. Congress does what’s good for themselves and their donors, not the rest of us. Nothing will change until politicians are held accountable for fraud after they make campaign promises they don’t keep. But, that won’t happen because the government makes up the laws, not the people”.


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